Capturing knowledge requirements and mapping user journeys to deliver an exceptional customer experience

The Challenge

Boots was looking to deliver a major upgrade to its web portal (eCommerce channel) to enable a seamless approach to its customer experience both in-store and online. 

In order to fulfil this goal Boots needed to review its existing e-commerce platform and understand whether the new system upgrade had the ability to support its desired business strategy. If it was fit for purpose, the next step would be to define exactly what customisation would be required to the ‘out-of-the-box’ solution to match its business need. Time was of the essence, and Boots wanted to keep customisation to a minimum. However, as a consumer-facing solution Boots needed to ensure that every element of the modification was captured to ensure the best possible customer experience.  

The Solution

Amsphere was engaged for the planning and execution of the entire business analysis phase. 

Our first step was to conduct a high-level feasibility study, which indicated that the upgrade would be fit for purpose and provided a high level view of the percentage fit of the vanilla solution versus degree of customisation required. Amsphere then worked with the business community, Subject Matter Experts, IT and management to capture and define accurate and comprehensive requirements documents, over 1300 in total. Boots identified their key customer types and Amsphere mapped the customer journeys to ensure that the objective of generating an exceptional customer experience was met. The timeframe of 8-12 weeks meant that every element of delivery needed to run smoothly. Amsphere implemented an effective communications programme to provide visibility of project milestones and ensure a multi-way flow of information throughout the teams and management. 

The Result

Amsphere provided Boots with a clear and comprehensive view of the fit between the upgrade functionality and the overall business requirements enabling them to make an educated decision on the solution to choose. 

Within three months of starting the project, Amsphere was able to deliver 36 fully approved high level requirements documents across multiple business areas that detailed the exact configurations required to achieve an effective customer facing solution. The business requirements were signed and approved by all the lead SMEs as a true and accurate reflection of their requirements, and in turn carried through to development and delivery stages. Boots is now able to start the software development programme safe in the knowledge that it will address the business need, saving time, money and resources. Importantly, Boots can be sure that the new system will provide the best possible solution for its customers. Due to the success of these projects, Amsphere has now been engaged to produce the quality management strategy for the eStore programme (to deliver quality assurance from development through to delivery) using Agile methodology.

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