Our Team

To make a difference to our clients’ lives, we have built a team that balances experience, expertise, creativity and innovation.

Software Testers & Business Analysts

At Amsphere we have ‘been there, done that’. We have seen the outcome in many different scenarios and leverage that experience for the benefit of your organisation. But we don’t stop there. Our team combines experience with the desire to challenge. To think not only what happened last time, but also what ‘could’ happen tomorrow.

Knowledge Consultants & Kaams® Digital Designers

Our knowledge consultants have the uncanny ability to ascertain the business critical information within an organisation that is at risk of being lost and extract that information for future use. Our digital media team then transforms this information into tangible, engaging formats, and turns information ‘siloed and about to be lost’ into interactive organisational knowledge accessible by the entire organisation.

Product Innovators

And then of course we have our product innovators, who constantly seek to create solutions that can transform the way enterprises operate.


Amsphere is always looking for talented individuals. If you would like to join our team, please get in touch or view our current opportunities.