Business Analysis

Organisations are facing an exponential rate of change in the business environment. 

Technological advancement is facilitating a significant shift in buyer behaviour with an increasing number of consumers moving away from traditional buying methods. Expectations and choice are on the rise, meaning organisations have to adapt quickly to stay ahead of the field.

As a result of these developments, organisations are having to upgrade, change and introduce new IT systems to meet the growing demands of their consumers.

Amsphere’s business analysis service is the conduit between the expectations of the consumer, the needs of the business and the capability/technology of the IT delivery function. We work collaboratively with stakeholders from across the business to ensure that requirements, workflows and solutions are fully scoped, mapped and delivered to meet the business needs.

Business Focus

  • Business Process Modelling  – clear and accurate capturing of business processes using industry-recognised Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) standards.
  • Business Process Improvement – our experts analyse existing processes, identifying issues and areas in need of change. Once the need is established we develop an improvement strategy, roadmap and plan for implementation including success criteria.
  • Organisational Design – in times of change and business improvement, organisational redesign becomes a necessity. However, even the smallest change can have an impact on processes and technology. Our organisational design service documents (or utilises existing) ‘as-is’ processes and creates  a ‘to-be’ model highlighting gaps in process, impact of existing technology, benefits of new technology implementations and a roadmap for implementation.

Technical Focus

  • Requirements Gathering and Analysis – develops an understanding of the business and technical requirements, delivery scope and priority.
  • Functional Requirements Design – once the requirements are understood a robust functional design can be developed and documented. This focuses on the functionality of the system or product with which a typical user would interact directly or indirectly.
  • Non-Functional Requirements Analysis – focuses on the system-level attributes which influence the user experience from an effective, efficient and, where appropriate, enjoyable perspective. This can include screen navigation, paths through different layers of the product, how quickly screens load and the overall performance of the product.
  • Data Modelling – defines the data model for the overall solution.
  • Interface Analysis – identifies and maps the interfaces between systems and channels including mobile, web, middleware and traditional (legacy) coded interfaces.

But we don’t stop there.

Amsphere provides a unique differentiator by capturing all this new knowledge and feeding it back into the Kaams® organisational memory system. This will allow the new processes and ways of working to be linked all the way across testing and training, creating a more effective and efficient implementation, saving you time and money.

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