Capturing best demonstrative practices and experiential knowledge to increase manufacturing production.

The Challenge

With manufacturing plants all over the world, Greif was looking for an effective solution to capture and share best demonstrative practices across all its factories.

In order to achieve this Greif had tried the traditional method of getting SMEs to travel across various factories to train people. However, whilst producing reasonable short-term results, they found that this did not provide sustained success. As a result, Greif wanted to explore alternative methods of knowledge capture and dissemination.

The main objective was to ensure that everyone within Greif had access to the appropriate knowledge of how to effectively manufacture a product in the best possible way. Greif was also keen to create a central knowledge repository, which would be accessible for all employees, current and future.

The Solution

The first thing that Amsphere focused on was the establishment of a framework for capturing and sharing Best Practices using Amsphere’s ‘Enterprise Knowledge Mapping (EKM)’ principles.

This brought together associations and attributes such as processes, locations, people, factory layouts and performance parameters (KPIs). We also defined a Capability Maturity Matrix for capturing maturity levels. After setting up the framework, we captured detailed end-to-end manufacturing processes using engaging audio, video and animation based content. This content was then delivered using the highly collaborative and intuitive Kaams® portal that could be accessed by users in different factories and offices throughout the world. Some of the content was also translated into multiple languages in order to support audiences from different countries.

As part of the solution Amsphere also provided a convenient way of comparing the processes at different factories or comparing each factory performance against what could be considered ‘Best Practice’ or ‘the Greif way’.

The Results

Amsphere’s Kaams® service was the perfect solution to overcome Greif’s challenges and achieve efficiency and collaboration objectives.

It enabled effective sharing of demonstrative best practices. The Kaams® methodology also ensured that experiential knowledge from the business was captured and codified. This immediately translated into benefits like a central knowledge repository, reduced travel, improved training materials, process optimisation and improvements through collaboration, corporate memory protection, etc. As an example, implementation of the Kaams® solution resulted in almost 30% production increment in one of the factories. Due to the success of these projects, Greif is now working with Amsphere to apply the Kaams® methodology to other aspects of its business.

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