Happy Customers = Happy Shareholders

It’s often said that a happy business is a healthy business…and a healthy business is a profitable one.

But just one underperforming link in the chain can be enough to impact the whole organisation; if you’re providing anything less than an impeccable customer service, you’ll end up with dissatisfied, deserting customers and consequently, unhappy shareholders.

So, where might these issues stem from? And what can be done to ensure everyone, from your customers to employees to shareholders, stays happy?


The risk of knowledge stored in heads of the few

Isn’t it frustrating when the knowledge or information you’re in need of can’t be accessed?

We’ve all been there; every time you’ve called customer service, spoken to a staff member in-store with a specific query, or perhaps tried to resolve a process issue within your organisation, only to find that the person you’re speaking to can’t help you.

What happens to that knowledge when those staff members leave? Especially when those individuals may have accumulated 10, 15, even 30 years’ of knowledge and wisdom in that time.

What can be done to counter this threat?


Knowledge and information protection; how might it work with high street bank RBS for example?

Imagine the scenario – a significant number of key employees are set to imminently leave your organisation following necessary redundancies, relocation or restructuring. How can you protect the experiential knowledge and wisdom of those employees leaving, so they’re not lost from your organisation completely?

This was precisely the challenge RBS faced when they transitioned 1000 of their roles from the UK to India. They needed a process in place that could firstly capture and record the knowledge held by individuals leaving the bank, and secondly reproduce it in a way that was accessible and digestible to new and current employees.

  • Knowledge captured: techniques such as workshops, Q&A sessions, and interview-based solutions can be used to effectively record and store the necessary detail and knowledge held by experienced Subject Matter Experts.
  • Knowledge accessed: re-imagined in the form of short engaging videos and audio files, information can be made accessible, instantly, to everyone from new starters, to experienced managers, to Millennials and Gen Z’s.

It’s how RBS managed to capture and store the expert knowledge of some of their most experienced staff – delivered on a secure, dedicated and bespoke portal, that included a full suite of videos, audio files and process map documentation. Knowledge could be easily accessed by new colleagues, and the bank was empowered to make full use of the wisdom and memory that already existed.

What might it do for you?

If your organisation is at risk of losing knowledge and wisdom, or perhaps you want to improve the way you share knowledge and wisdom company-wide, talk to us here at Amsphere about how we can help.



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