HR changes – should they be that hard?

The pressure is always on; whether that’s new staff, new terms, upgrading of technology, or new organisational processes and procedures – changes are a relentless challenge for almost every HR professional. 

So, how can that never-ending task list be reduced? And how can the communication channels with every individual within the organisation be streamlined?


  • New recruits - The longer onboarding takes, the more difficult it is to effect progress. Engaging quickly and easily with new staff isn’t always easy; and yet it doesn’t have to be a painful, onerous process.By pooling all knowledge into one easily accessible platform, it reduces the need for labour-intensive training and drawn out, inefficient inductions. And with helpful videos and infographics new recruits are able to easily assimilate important information they need instantly.


  • New initiatives – How can you effectively manage change in the workplace when you could be dealing with anything from defining and adopting corporate strategies, to implementing new procedures and technologies? If you’re going to be able to support business growth, you need to disperse that new knowledge quickly and effectively across your entire organisation…which of course is easier said than done.
    The solution? If you can capture, hold, file and link all knowledge within one secure portal, any new changes to initiatives can be updated at any time and accessed instantly by all employees.


  • New legislation - When terms and conditions change, HR departments don’t just have to implement the new information, they also have to anticipate and prepare for any backlash that might arise as a result. And when it comes to legislation you don’t want to get caught out.So, wouldn’t it be great if you had a platform that could disseminate all new information quickly to everyone, along with all details of policies, processes and regulations?


  • New training and development
    Keeping staff trained appropriately and adequately is essential, no matter if they are new to the business or old-hands, graduates or managers.

People of different ages absorb information in different ways, so a platform with the ability to provide training material via a range of multimedia content, allows managers to deliver regular and constructive training input that can be learned by all.

How could your HR department stand to benefit?

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