Knowledge, liberated

Imagine you're walking down a crowded busy street. You hear your name called from behind you, loudly! You turn, and recognise a face, and greet this familiar person - but their name escapes you. The seconds tick by like hours as your anxiety builds, anticipating that inevitable moment of embarrassment when they realise you can't remember their name. It happens - and their face falls. Ten minutes after you leave each other, it comes to you--"Lydia, from the conference last summer!"

But, it is too late. The moment has passed. The indelible impression that you've forgotten them is what is left behind from your encounter. This tells us something simple about knowledge and memory: the knowledge we have is only valuable if we have it at the time and place that we need it. 

And what is true about our own brain and memory is equally relevant for organisations. In today’s multichannel, multi-location and diverse business world, valuable knowledge is often confined within departmental silos. Subject matter experts who hold key experiential knowledge of how things truly hang together, how information flows across services, processes and systems are your lifeline. They simply know how to get things done efficiently and solve problems quickly. But they can also become your bottlenecks and more often than not, your single points of failure.

Knowledge, in this scenario, is restricted; its reach and impact limited. 

At Amsphere we address this challenge head on through Kaams®, a unique Organisational Memory System. Kaams® allows knowledge that is essential to your business to be captured in a multimedia and interactive way, while securing it in one central platform that can serve as the living 'brain' of your organisation. By making the process of capturing and sharing experiential knowledge easy and even fun, Kaams® overcomes the usual challenges that organisations face in “documenting” knowledge. Furthermore, when more people are able to work like your subject matter experts, productivity soars, defects drop and service levels improve. 

Kaams® gives people access to the definitive knowledge they need, at the time they need; whether they are in the board room or shop floor or factory or on the road. Your business then truly operates with ‘super memory’. Knowledge, is no longer constrained; nor is it trapped. It is truly liberated.

Ramesh Subramanian

Co-Founder and Director of Products & Strategy