Why Onboarding Need Not be so Onerous

There’s no two ways around it; onboarding is a necessary and often problematic process.

In danger of being under-regarded after tedious and exhaustive recruiting processes, it can also be a costly business when not done well.

And yet time and time again it’s highlighted that the right onboarding will result in more engaged, productive and loyal employees – the stats tell us that your staff are 69% more likely to stay with you for at least 3 years if you have an effective employee onboarding programme in place*.

So, what can you do to ensure the onboarding process in your organisation is a little more pleasurable, effective, and a lot less onerous?


Get more productive, faster.

One of the biggest challenges every HR team must face is how to train up new staff quickly, efficiently and effectively. The longer the onboarding process takes, the more difficult it is to effect progress, and the greater the cost to your business.

For those that employ temporary and seasonal workers, or operate multiple sites nationwide, the challenge is even greater – and yet surely something is amiss if your productivity is suffering because of ineffective onboarding, despite the fact that growth in your business is demanding more employees.

What if the process of onboarding was approached differently? If it was less about getting new staff ‘up to speed’ and more about empowering new starters with better shared knowledge…what might that do for your organisation?


Digestible knowledge.

If you want that influx of seasonal workers in your hotel chain to hit the ground running, or you need new staff in multiple locations across the UK trained up quickly, you need to do more than simply provide them with the information you think they need.

Onboarding is a two-way process – to impart the knowledge successfully, you need to engage with new staff members effectively, and that means presenting knowledge that can be digested easily. In a world of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, users want to see little chunks of interesting information, delivered in short, accessible and enjoyable forms. What about your own dedicated, secure company portal – easy to search, easy to use and easy to remember -  delivering knowledge in an engaging, rich multimedia experience to new staff in your organisation, as and when they need it.


An onboarding process that works, quicker.

The prospect of pooling all knowledge in your organisation – including that elusive yet valuable experiential knowledge held in the minds of your most experienced ‘Subject Matter Experts’ – is a daunting one. And yet when done well, it can be as straightforward as it is effective;

  • Knowledge is intelligently captured, filed, associated and linked so it can be accessed easily at any time.
  • It only needs to be captured once, and can be updated if necessary.
  • The knowledge can be delivered in digestible chunks of information using engaging videos and audio files, enabling organisations to extract, record, file, link, associate, tag, collaborate, update and manage all aspects of their internal memory.
  • Staff have the ability to recall or find expert level knowledge, from Health & Safety manuals to company policies, processes and regulations, all at the touch of a button and in a matter of seconds.

We’re operating in a world filled with ever-new technologies and rapidly-changing markets, and your onboarding process is no exception. Staff right now are demanding a different way of exchanging information than they were 10 years ago – so, why not change the way you impart knowledge within your organisation, and tailor your onboarding process to specifically meet the needs and preferences of your Millennials and Gen Z’s?

To find out more about how, here at Amsphere, we’ve been helping organisations like yours find a new, and better way to capture, share and access knowledge with their staff, just get in touch; we’d be happy to share what we’ve learned with you.


* https://www.shrm.org/foundation/ourwork/initiatives/resources-from-past-...


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