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What is the point of data without knowledge?

Data surrounds us in everything we do. However, without further analysis - it is useless. The numbers 2 and 5 are data, but on their own - they mean nothing.


Acceptance Testing as part of a Quality Framework

Acceptance Testing has many guises within Software Testing and can be performed by many different practitioners including test analysts, business analysts and product owners.


The key to delivering successful change

Change is the new BAU (business as usual). Change is no longer just for process improvements or the introduction of new services and products, it’s a survival tactic.

Press releases

Amsphere appoints new Head of Consulting and Service Delivery

Amsphere today announces the appointment of a new Head of Consulting and Service Delivery to support the company’s continuing business expansion.


Agile Pigs and Chickens

Ever wondered if you’re on a farm or rugby pitch rather than delivering an agile testing programme?

Blog entries

Our new brand identity, designed to liberate

In September 2014, we started a strategic project to review and refresh our brand identity.