It’s all changed again…how can we ensure a smooth knowledge transfer?

Employees come and go, organisations adapt and expand, companies merge and get sold…it’s all part of the lifecycle of a business, and it’s what HR departments must deal with on a daily basis.

Normal it might be, but these changes unearth their own set of challenges – primarily that of how the knowledge held within individual’s heads, can still be retained within the business, even when those staff members are gone.


Out of heads, into the system

Every organisation has them – those staff members that are stalwarts of the business, who have been there for years, and who over time have amassed knowledge and skills that are both invaluable and incomparable.

How do you try and hold on to this knowledge? Basic handovers are never enough to achieve comprehensive knowledge sharing – all too often condensed into an unrealistic time period, thanks to budget constraints and under-resourcing.

Imagine then if a system already existed whereby experiential knowledge was simply recorded day-to-day for others to access as and when they needed it…no panic that knowledge might be lost, no scramble to record it all last-minute, and no one-shot attempt to retain it for the future.


Knowledge at risk during times of upheaval

Knowledge sharing is at the heart of mergers and acquisitions – being able to gain new knowledge from the acquired company, and then being able to transfer that knowledge among other parts of the organisation is key.

Without effective knowledge transfer, it’s hard to keep track on what could get lost in the restructuring. Let’s not forget the logistical complexities that emerge when organisations combine; systems need to be reassessed, processes redefined and employees on-boarded.

What if you didn’t have to prepare for all this in order for the restructuring to take place? What if you already had a system in place that captured knowledge continuously day-to-day, with the ability to seamlessly facilitate the flow of knowledge to individuals where needed?


Knowledge on tap for training

Training for new employees and continual development opportunities for current staff may be essential, but it’s seldom done efficiently. Especially when you’re under time pressures and constraints to get teams up to speed as quickly as possible – there’s no doubt that knowledge and wisdom can get lost and forgotten along the way.

A dedicated, secure company portal delivering instantly accessible knowledge to those that need it can make all the difference to how your employees react to, and take value from, training in your organisation.

Think short, digestible chunks of information delivered in enjoyable forms such as online video clips; knowledge is imparted in an engaging - and crucially time-efficient way - and you’ll benefit from employees that feel empowered from what they have learnt, and confident in their understanding of the systems around them…with no backtracking, re-learning and going over of the same old ground necessary.


Could your HR needs be better met by using an innovative platform for knowledge sharing? To find out more, talk to us here at Amsphere – we’d be very happy to share what we’ve learnt with you.

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