What if every organisation could work with a ‘super memory’?

What if organisations could access subject matter expert (SME) knowledge and experience at the touch of a button? What if experiential knowledge could be easily accessed regardless of location or language? What if we could put your entire organisation’s brain to work as one?

Amsphere is enabling organisations to do just that.

Kaams® captures tacit knowledge and stores that knowledge in an intuitive and innovative platform, allowing clients to harness the power of their organisation’s memory at any point in time. Some of our clients use Kaams® to protect and de-risk their business, while others use it to capitalise on best practice to increase business outputs. Whatever the scenario, Kaams® is the conduit for delivering real business improvements.

So what exactly is Kaams®?

Kaams® is a cloud-based platform for tacit and explicit knowledge to be captured, contextualised, retained, shared and managed across an enterprise.

  • It enables the entire organisation to “record” experiential knowledge, easily, as people do their day-to-day work.
  • It enables all knowledge to be intelligently filed, associated and linked so that everyone can access it easily.
  • It has the ability to record, file, link, associate, collaborate and manage all aspects of an organisation’s memory.
  • It allows an entire organisation to operate with a super memory – with an ability to “recall” or find expert level knowledge at the time of need.

What are the core features?

  • Cloud-based platform that can be accessed on any device to capture, share and collaborate – in text, documents, audio and video.
  • Intelligent linking and contextualisation of knowledge using Amsphere’s proprietary Enterprise Knowledge Map Framework, Database and functionality - “A place for every piece of knowledge”.
  • Powerful yet easy to use workflows to create, review, publish and manage multimedia knowledge content collaboratively.
  • Multiple levels and options for security and access control across an enterprise.
  • Powerful browse, search, retrieval and navigation capabilities (a) Library Browse (b) Search and (c) Navigate through Enterprise Knowledge Map.

Kaams® provides the following benefits to clients:

  • Access to expert level experiential knowledge at any time.
  • Enables the sharing of best practice, eliminates information silos.
  • Reduces risk.
  • Alleviates bottlenecks.
  • Reduces reliance on small group of SMEs.
  • Reduces training/induction time.
  • Increases productivity.

To find out more about Kaams® get in touch.