Digital transformation proving overwhelming?

The way we’re working is changing fast – keeping pace with the different needs of the new mobile, agile workforce demands a radical re-think.


The sheer volume of content that we’re confronted with on a daily basis 24-7 can be challenging to manage, and almost impossible to stay on top of, from Powerpoint to video, email and more.

New technologies claim to make processes faster, better and more effective, but genuine functionality gets shrouded by confusing jargon and promises from big players offering everything to everyone.

The reality is, this fast-paced digital world drives the need for instant, on-the-go access, and collaboration with colleagues wherever they are, without the normal constraints of version control. So how can your organisation transition to a digital storage and retrieval system that truly does what it says on the tin?

Digital demands

Essential to the way we do business, the nature of our work now demands instant access to documents (whenever and wherever we may be), the highest security and fail-safe recovery options, and the ability to collaborate with multiple individuals and stakeholders at any one time both easily and flexibly. The office is no longer the only place to do business!

Yet in our endeavours to achieve all this, valuable time, money, energy and resources are often spent, all of which cost businesses like yours on a daily basis. How to overcome it?

Seamless transition

It’s an issue that so many of our clients come to us with, when their businesses demand a better way to securely access critical information from anywhere, any time. And we’ve found that few do it better than Xerox DocuShare

Designed to save organisations of all sizes time and overheads, DocuShare streamlines your processes so you can respond quicker without any of the constraints, hassle and frustrations of previous knowledge sharing.

Our clients have benefitted from:

  • Sharing everything in the business instantly and easily with access online and on multiple platforms, any time
  • Promoting more effective collaboration both within, and outside of, their organisations
  • Reducing document search time by 80%
  • Gaining complete control over who has access to what at multiple levels
  • Disaster recovery and security options that protect data and the organisation
  • Drastically reduced paperwork and processing time

At Amsphere we work directly in the business of company-wide dissemination of knowledge and information, so we know a thing or two about this space. To learn more about DocuShare, and better ways of streamlining your business, just get in touch with us, we’d be happy to share what we’ve learnt with you.

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