It’s all changed again…how can we ensure a smooth knowledge transfer?

Employees come and go, organisations adapt and expand, companies merge and get sold…it’s all part of the lifecycle of a business.

Normal it might be, but these changes unearth their own set of challenges – primarily that of how the knowledge held within individual’s heads, can still be retained within the business, even when those staff members are gone.


Out of heads, and into the system

Every organisation has them – those staff members that are stalwarts of the business, who have been there for years, and who over time have amassed knowledge and skills that are both invaluable and incomparable.

How can you hold on to this knowledge? Basic handovers are never enough to achieve comprehensive knowledge sharing – all too often condensed into an unrealistic time period, thanks to budget constraints and under-resourcing.

Imagine then if a system already existed whereby experiential knowledge was simply recorded day-to-day for others to access as and when they needed it…no panic that knowledge might be lost, no scramble to record it all last-minute, and no one-shot attempt to retain it for the future.


No limits - knowledge transfer between sites

For multi-site businesses, the challenge gets harder again.

It’s not only a concern for those with offices nationwide – these days, remote working is more popular than ever, making the importance of effective knowledge transfer even greater.

Sharing best practice is essential and accessibility is paramount. Information that can be accessed digitally on any device to capture, share and collaborate instantly is incredibly valuable; as well as helping to drive productivity and efficiency within your organisation, it saves money in the long run too.


Knowledge that gets noticed

Once you’ve managed to capture, record and retain the knowledge and information that was at risk of being lost from your organisation, what happens next?

Unless you’re able to deliver this information to the rest of your staff easily, instantly and accessibly, it may as well be rendered redundant.

Consider how you are going to present this knowledge company-wide. You need to be able to communicate to everyone in a way that works best for them…and in the age of the Millennials and Gen Z’s this is unlikely to be via reams of paper and disengaging text.

Online video content and rich multimedia experiences are a highly effective platform for imparting knowledge in organisations; not only delivering information in an efficient and accessible way, they are significantly more engaging than traditional methods of knowledge sharing…and can even be enjoyable too!

Could your business benefit from being able to better capture, record, disseminate and deliver knowledge already held within your organisation? If so, please talk to us here at Amsphere – we’d be very happy to share what we’ve learnt with you and tell you a little more about what we can do for your business.

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